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‘CBD…It does not get you High, but it Get’s you By’

-Emerald Canna Group

CBD Benefits

HEMP contains compounds that kill pain and promote healing in a powerful way! CBD benefits

One of the biggest mistakes people make when talking about Hemp is using the term interchangeably with Marijuana. Although the two fall under the same plant category, Cannabis Sativa, they have completely difference effects on the body.

Defined, Marijuana is the psychoactive form of Cannabis Sativa because it contains high concentrations of THC, the compound that gets you high. As of writing this, Marijuana is illegal in most states.

Hemp, on the other hand, represents the non-psychoactive form of Cannabis Sativa because it contains practically no THC and therefore will not ever get you high. In face, the only side effects you’ll experience with Hemp, especially the kind found Emerald Canna Group CBD products, is soothing comfort and powerful relief.

“Hemp has enormous potential in medicine – and its safe, legal, and will NEVER get you high”

Although Marijuana and Hemp come from the same plant species, Cannabis Sativea, their legal status and effects on the body are very diffenent

CBD vs. Marijuana


  • Legal in All 50 States
  • Cannot Get You High
  • Bursting with Pain-Killing Compounds Called Cannabinoids
  • Used Medicinally for Arthritis, Neuropathy, Sore Muscles and Joints


  • Illegal in Most States
  • Gets you High (contains psychotropic compounds_
  • Recreational

Just as lemons and oranges are two different kinds of citrus fruits, hemp based CBD and marijuana are two different kinds of Cannabis.

CBD BenefitsPain, swelling and inflammation. On a daily basis these things can make life absolutely miserable. With CBD, you’ll never have to worry about them gain. Because with the passing of new legislation, this new government patented painkiller is now legal in your state.

On February 7th 2014, the President singed the U.S. Farm Bill, which contained a special amendment re-legalizing the production of history’s most important medical plant.

Rumors of its legendary healing powers date back nearly 4000 years where ancient physicians in Chinese and Indian medicine used it to treat the most featured illnesses of the ear.

By the 18th century it made its way into modern medicine and was so effective it was listed in the American Medical Journal was listed in the AMERICAN medical journal and the U.S. Pharmacopeia for the treatment of chronic pain.

But in 1947 this natural painkiller was unrightfully banned from the United States

While this new medicine grew in popularity, the use of several other drugs declined. And as a result, many of its competitors were motivated to see it gone – specifically a small group of industrialists who combined their money, power, and influence to get it outlawed.

But with new legislation, people are finally using it again for natural pain relief!

And the results have been spectacular. Just name your pain, and this plant kills it: back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, pain from arthritis, neuropathy, migraine headaches. Its pain-killing power is enormous.

So if you haven’t guessed it by now, the medicinal plant I’ve been referring to is Hemp – and new research sponsored by the Government revels that its packed with mother natures most powerful form of relief.